So, i know you. #Smallworld.

Am i the only one who count hours to sleep before i go to bed? Of course i talk to myself.

Anyway, if you’ve taken that tiny effort to know about me after the business card i gave you or from my email signature, i will assure you that you won’t be disappointed or I’ll train myself at convincing.

I, ‘Séku Skandan’, reckon myself as an Digital Enabler and Imagineering Storyteller (Portmanteau combining the words “imagination” and “engineering”. Imagineering is the implementation of creative ideas in practical form) with specialisation in Digital & Content Marketing, Social Media advertising, creative imaging and design living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

With 3.5 years of expansive experience in creative (design, imagery, video, copy), strategy (mindset, brand and content),  technical erudition (digital, programming, enabling and targeting tools) & entrepreneurial management (advertising and photography business) in India/Malaysia which sprung me into the world of ‘marketing’ in the same duration, my skills, expertise and experience can create conclusive value across multiple spectrum in any business.

I work with JIX Reality, a technology startup based upon ChristchurchNZ utilising XR Technologies (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed realities) for marketing products/services through enriched customer experiences. I have interned with ‘Christchurch Educated’ as a Content Marketer creating content of all forms under the patronage of ‘ChristchurchNZ’, city’s economic development and profile agency/organisation charged with igniting bold ambition, excitement, connecting changemakers, stimulating economic activity and attracting visitors to Ōtautahi Christchurch. I also work part time in the student communications team of Ara Institute of Canterbury as a Editor-in-chief for student-to-student Facebook AraStudentPlugin media, write for student magazine ‘Waha Korero’ and try to enrich student experiences through various initiatives across South Island.

Besides all these, I am passionate about travel and fashion. I can be a very good conversationalist in movies, culture and politics.

My core strengths lie in : Digital Marketing – Content, Social Media & Analytics, Watching Netflix rounded up in my bed, Imaging & Filming, Campaigns, Eating Pizzas, bending my thumb, Strategy & Operations.

I sincerely theorise in the quote “All great #order are preceded by #chaos” and believe that chaos can breed life like order breeds habit. Well, you know – philosophy helps you stand out among geniuses.

You can connect to my LinkedIn portfolio or any other social media to be bothered with what i do everyday or read my stupid ramblings in MINDBLOGGED to while away your precious time. Feel free to also say ‘Hello’ with a click of the button on the top – if you think i’m good enough for an opportunity or a cuppa.

Mistaking correlation for causation for way too long.